Editing Room

The ear episode is how I call the year-long episode when human ears captured my eyes as objects – I was looking at ears and sculpting only ears. Beyond the physical investigation of the structure of the human ear, this was a venture to explore “the truth and the illusion” that is seen and heard in in my perception. Whilst sculpting my right ear and increasing it to 10 times its size, questions about the relationship between the shape and structure of the ear and the subjectivity of hearing began to rise. Like the brass instruments and the impact of their different shapes and structures (the curves, lengths of pipes, surface area etc), I wondered about the essential difference in the quality of sounds ears produce. Concepts such as “selective hearing” or “personal interpretation” are reinforced by the creation of the ears, that is before the additional variables of personality, education, culture, and other psychological factors. Simply the innate physical changes in the shape of the ear calls for a private “reality” that differs from one person to the other. The video art (by Studio Poink) present a visual dimension to the mystery of selective hearing, which is essentially universal. The truth and the lies of hearing, listening, perceiving, and the subjective interpretation; the “objective truth” as the subject of this work. The trilogy of video-art depicts the encounters of “reality” (the excerpts filmed) that we perceive, the changing personal interpretation that depends on the time, place, ambiance, education, culture, art, a physical and mental state – that is projected out of my right ear enlarged by 10, which supplies a glimpse to the “laboratory” and the “editing room” (the animation excerpts) that my ear faces. In the video “Kiss Actually” photography and animation are two sides of the same coin. The photography reflects a type of objective reality whereas the animation reflects subjective interpretation. Though the lips seem to be kissing, smiling, licking… The interpretation (animation) to these innocent acts gains new and farreaching meaning – if a person sends you a kiss, does it necessarily means they love you? Does it? In the video “Aware Categorization”, the frenzy sorting of information into accessible drawers, shutting, opening and closing, seemingly under full consciousness and awareness. What seems as a humane categorization and sortation work, that is being done ceaselessly, automatically and in a way inseparable from our personality – aspiring for “order”, “understanding” and “harmony”. Often, if not always actually, the order and categorization are products of primal fears and anxieties like a snake twisting and crawling between the different drawers, slimly and naturally. It seems as if cataloging constitutes a conscious responsibility, efficiency time-saving… But for the most part that very first automatic nature directs us. Prejudices and fixated, emotional thinking play a major role in human life, and lead us to overlook important things. Recognizing and acknowledging the act of categorization and automatic sorting is the first step to freedom. The video “Symbols” is the third in the trilogy. The time tunnel is actually my personal hearing canal, and could be of any one of us connecting time, place, culture, and art traveling in time and transferred from generation to generation through symbols, a system of beliefs that have a shape and a symbolic meaning sown in the individual and collective DNA. Here as well, the “seemingly” is shown, time goes by quickly but the belief of the symbols is rooted deep in the consciousness, static and unchanging, fixed, creeping presence that is apparent visually, emotionally, mentally and is of various meanings. Decisions and private actions are being based on its passive-active presence. Often the belief creates a reality – and not faith urges faith. So, “hamsa hamsa”, do not forget that the golden key is in your hearts and hands. The blue eye may shed turquoise tears, but still protects from the bad.